Cheryl Blackwell - 5:30am - 9am

Wake up with Rich and I, weekday mornings on B100.  He's the one who drinks coffee, I love tea.  His hair is usually prettier than mine...

Rich Woods- 5:30am - 10am

Born and raised in the 'Loops, I lived on the North Shore, but went to school on the South Shore, walking the halls of the 9th Avenue schools: Lloyd George, John Peterson, and Kam High. After a couple of years of more partying than studying at UCC, I decided to get a career, enrolled in the BCIT Broadcast Radio Diploma program. Two years later, I score my first job, in my hometown, working at the station I grew up listening to!  My perfect day? 30+ Summer day in Kamloops, playing 18 holes or sitting on a patio, with an ice cold beer, listening to a mix of 80's & 90's. There you in a nutshell.  Wanna chat?  Feel free to email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Rick Chapman - 2pm-6pm Weekdays

I'm a man of few can listen to me from 2 - 6 weekday afternoons.

Nick Carter - 7pm - Midnight

I was the inspiration for a famous Backstreet Boy (I can't sing though). My favorite things are camping, fishing, flying remote control airplanes, my cat Milo and playing the music on B100 Kamloops At Work Station. I'm here weekends and on weekday evenings. Let's be facebook friends.

Angie Heinze - 10am - 2pm weekdays

I love 4x4ing & cranking the bass in my Jeep Wrangler with the top down; getting dirty from head to toe...Even though I enjoy time out on the lake during summer, my favorite season is winter. I'm a certified snowboarding instructor & you'll never catch me missing out on an epic powder day. In fact, my favorite activities are outdoors...hiking, snowboarding, skiing, snowshoeing, golfing. If the Canucks (or Oilers) aren’t playing, I'm usually out climbing a mountain with my beagle and exploring new scenery. I’ve been singing with various bands since I was 19. After competing in Canadian Idol several times, I started my professional singing career with a classic rock band named “Yellowhead Trip” which eventually led to bigger things with my band “Bombshella” where we covered every cheesy 80's & 90's retro hit you could think of. I'm really happy to be settled in Kamloops since 2003 and have a successful dj/karaoke service “Solo Entertainment” you may have seen me at various bars around town. I encourage you to check out one of my outrageous nights of karaoke!!! Thanks for wanting to know me!

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